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terminaltiket Cabang Jakarta Timur
terminaltiket Cabang Jakarta Timur
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Name:Mr. Deri Heryadisastra [Sales]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: aaagen_travel1 Y!: aaagen_travel1
Windows Live: aaagen_travel1 aaagen_travel1
Mobile Number:62-813-85570234
Phone Number:062-021-8778 0234
Fax Number:062-021-8778 0097
Address:Jl. Raya Bogor KM 21 No. 09 depan pasar induk kramatjati
Jakarta Selatan 13830, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jul. 08, 2007
Last Updated:May. 10, 2010
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

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link to our website: http: / / tiket-pesawat-online.com

need airlines electronic ticket?
Did you know? that now airlines ticket is just a :
-e-mail print out
-or fax
-or even just a booking code

where ever you are, just contact us through phone or Yahoo messenger, and we will reserve your seat, and deliver the e-ticket through e-mail or fax.
Dont have Fax / email connection? just go on to the your airlines' s ticketing counter just bevore you check in
Isn' t it easy?

contact us:
-hotline : 021-87780234
-Yahoo messenger id : terminaltiket_callcenter

Available : hotel / apartment discount voucher

Your traveling partner:
terminaltiket Cabang Jakarta Radio Dalam
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya no. 8
Jakarta selatan 12140
we smile even troughj the phone line : )

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